Abhijit B.

We used Tracy as our real estate agent. She came with a good recommendation from a colleague. After meeting Tracy, she seemed like the right person for the job. She helped us through all the new home buyer questions we had. She was knowledgeable about all things we needed to know. We went on several walkthroughs with her. Tracy was always available on our schedule - which was weekends and late week nights. She was never pushy and was also forthright with her views - especially if the house had serious drawbacks. Tracy knows the Berkeley Oakland area really well including the agents who work in the area - her connection was helpful in us finding out that our house was available at a lower price than we were planning to bid for! Finally, Tracy also connected us to a great mortgage agent and other people/contractors we needed help after we won our house. Overall -- Tracy was absolutely fabulous to work with and I would give her my best ratings for anyone looking for a house. Especially for first time home buyers in the Oakland/Berkeley neighborhood, look no further.


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