I had a fantastic experience with Tracy. We met on a Sunday for the first time, she had scheduled a few visits outside the open house hours. It was great to be able to get a feeling for the places without the crowd. Tracy was clear about what I was looking for right away because I was instantly drawn to the second place I saw. I made an offer on Wednesday based on Tracy's recommendation and got it accepted on Thursday! The process afterwards went smoothly despite me traveling internationally. Tracy had everything under control and even gave me a binder with all the important papers when I closed the house. I will definitely recommend Tracy to anyone wanting to move to the East Bay!

Aude G.

Tracy is a proactive, responsive, communicative agent to work with. Crucial to our housing success, Tracy knows the market very well--and all the methods by which prospective home-buyers can beat the competition to the punch. I know we owe our wonderful home in no small part to Tracy's expertise, and I can't recommend her highly enough!

Marco and Emily

This is a very very long overdue review. Let's just say without Tracy I wouldn't be smiling every time I turn my doorknob and step into my condo! But that smile almost didn't happen.

Months ago I decided that I was ready to buy! That was the easy part, now I just needed to find someone who can help me as a first-time buyer (I am picky and had a thousand questions). Tracy Palma was referred to me by a close friend of mine. Our first conversation she put me at ease. She went over every want/need and questions that I had. As you all know the market is CRAZY out there, but I was determined to be in the Adams Point/Grand Lake area. Then the search began with excitement and nervousness all at the same time. Then excitement turned into heartache and discouragement as my offers were getting rejected. After the third rejection, I wanted to give up. Tracy was patient with me and assured me that the right place will come along at the right time. She was so right! A few days later she sent me a property listing. I fell in love with it as soon as I walked in. Not only was it in a great location, it was not overly priced. Once again I put my offer in and crossed my fingers. A few days later while waiting to hear back I called Tracy about another listing. As I am describing the listing Tracy stops me mid-sentence and tells me that we do not need to look at the new property. In a confused tone I asked what do you mean?? She yelled out...YOUR OFFER WAS ACCEPTED!!!!! You can imagine my excitement. I was ready for the next steps (of course with a thousand questions). Everything was going according to plan, until midway through escrow. My escrow was a nightmare! Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. This is where Tracy became more than just a realtor for me. Tracy was fantastic, she was unbelievable. She talked me off the ledge of giving up on more than one occasion. With every road block escrow put up Tracy was right there to help me through it until the end. That is why I smile every time I turn my doorknob and walk through the door, because it almost wasn't mine. I almost lost the place I call home if it wasn't for Tracy.

Malika B.

Absolutely fantastic. Detailed and thorough during inspections, knows the right questions to ask, and a pleasure to work with. Went through the process clearly and thoroughly for a first-time buyer, and her thoughts about the market were on point. Very responsive by email and phone, and extremely organized in general. The entire process from start to close went extremely smoothly due to her experience and dedication. Would recommend whole-heartedly!

Henry J.

Tracy is a great realtor that I would highly recommend! She helped us navigate the competitive bay area real estate market, offered great advice, showed us dozens of houses during times that fit our work schedules, and eventually helped us find an amazing home, in our price range that aligned with all our diverse home buying preferences and needs.

In addition to being a very knowledgeable realtor, Tracy is a wonderful person that was a pleasure to work with. Over the many hours that we spent with Tracy looking at houses, my wife and I really enjoyed Tracy's company and her calm, confident attitude helped with the sometimes stressful process of buying a home.

We feel very fortunate to have found and worked with Tracy and would highly recommend her services!

Ian and Roana

Tracy helped us navigate the sale of our condo and never skipped a beat during a short-timeline process. Her network of contacts for preparing the place for sale was excellent and she helped manage the coordination of subcontractor work efficiently. She also deftly fielded questions from potential buyers, other condo occupants, and myself. She was a pleasure to work with overall and we couldn't have managed the sale on such short notice without her experience and guidance. The process can be pretty stressful from both ends (buying/selling) but I would trust Tracy in any form of transaction. She'll get the job done professionally and is great at communicating progress or setbacks during the process.

Jeffrey K.

I could have never bought my dream home in this crazy Oakland market without Tracy. Tracy is a true professional. She took the time to share all her house buying knowledge with me who knew almost nothing. I was stressed and intimidated by the whole process before meeting Tracy. Once I met Tracy I knew I was in fantastic hands. She understood after one meeting what I was looking for and what I could afford. I have already recommended her to all my east bay friends, you should not hesitate to call her for finding your dream home too! I owe many future years of a happy home to Tracy.

Loren K.

Tracy is a fantastic realtor! I have used her services three times in the past: once to buy a house, once to help me sell a relative's house, and just recently to sell my own home (all in Oakland), where I got 30% over asking.

One of the things I like best about working with Tracy is her communication skills. She answered all my questions promptly, and she kept me posted during open houses and showings as soon as she got new information.

She also has great taste and was able to advise me on how to best show the house. She has a wonderful marketing sense, and she knows what will sell a home.

Last, but not least, I trust her, and I value her advice. She's optimistic without being unrealistic, and I would highly recommend her services for buying or selling a home in the Bay Area.

Joel S.

Tracy is amazing! My husband and I were first time home buyers with little knowledge of the Oakland neighborhoods. Tracy spent many many hours showing us many many homes and was able to help us navigate which neighborhood was best for both of us. She asks just the right questions to help zero in on what house is the right fit. She's always super fast responding which is so critical in this competitive market. Not only is she just amazing at her job, she's also a lovely person that we genuinely liked spending time with. Makes the painful house hunting process so much better!

Kate and Adam

Tracy really went above and beyond for us. We began searching for a home while we still lived in New York. I was pregnant, so the stakes felt very high for us to find just the right housing on a firm deadline. We relied on Tracy to help us prioritize neighborhoods and to understand the wild real estate market in the Bay Area. As we began, she helped us set realistic expectations for what we could be in for (multiple unsuccessful bids, sale prices routinely above asking, other buyers able to compete with all-cash offers). Throughout the process, Tracy was always on top of the latest listings and made sure we considered homes that had elements of our wish list. Many times, she toured homes for us on FaceTime while we watched from New York. We really grew to trust Tracy's taste, remodeling ideas, and her read on the market. Equally important, she was a steady presence when we got frustrated with the up's and down's of buying in such a competitive environment. Tracy helped us keep our eyes on the prize and not give up.

In the end, our housing search took about six months of active searching and bidding, and on the *seventh* try, we bought a home in Berkeley that is exactly the style, location, and price we hoped for when we started our search. As an added bonus, even after closing, Tracy has continued to be a great resource for us, recommending local contractors and making sure we're not getting ripped off.

In short, if you are nervous about the prospect of entering the Bay Area housing market and need a dependable, positive, knowledgeable, and meticulous guide, Tracy is the realtor for you. We have loved working with her and are thrilled with the home she found for us.

Arthur and Anna

We used Tracy as our real estate agent. She came with a good recommendation from a colleague. After meeting Tracy, she seemed like the right person for the job. She helped us through all the new home buyer questions we had. She was knowledgeable about all things we needed to know.

We went on several walkthroughs with her. Tracy was always available on our schedule - which was weekends and late week nights. She was never pushy and was also forthright with her views - especially if the house had serious drawbacks. Tracy knows the Berkeley Oakland area really well including the agents who work in the area - her connection was helpful in us finding out that our house was available at a lower price than we were planning to bid for!

Finally, Tracy also connected us to a great mortgage agent and other people/contractors we needed help after we won our house.

Overall -- Tracy was absolutely fabulous to work with and I would give her my best ratings for anyone looking for a house. Especially for first time home buyers in the Oakland/Berkeley neighborhood, look no further.

Abhijit B.

I contacted Tracy based on her reviews here on Yelp and I have to say, she's the real deal! I was a first-time home-buyer and I originally reached out to Tracy in 2015. Our communication at that time was limited to e-mail, but Tracy was very responsive and patient considering I was a complete novice to real estate. As the market was climbing, I decided to wait for a year.

As my lease on my apartment came up for renewal again, I reached out to Tracy in October of 2016 and we picked up where we left off the year before. This time I felt I was ready to take the plunge.

Tracy, knowing that this would be my first home purchase, handled me with care and consideration and she answered all of my questions as basic and annoying as they might have been. We had a pretty quick search (3-4 weeks) of various homes and townhouses and she explained the pros and cons of each neighborhood before I settled on making an offer on my home in Emeryville.

As awesome as Tracy was during the search phase, she was amazing during escrow. She explained each of the stages in closing on my home clearly enough that even I could understand it. She was very timely and responsive in getting documents to me and she was always available for questions via phone or email...even when she went on vacation in the middle of my escrow (not that I reached out to her much...but for the 1-2 times I did, she always responded quickly). It was a very quick (for me) 30 days and I can proudly say that I am now a homeowner and much thanks to Tracy Palma for making it as painless as I could've asked for! I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to purchase a home in the East Bay.

Erwin D.

A few months back I found myself in need of a trusted real estate agent to assist in the sale of my house in Berkeley. I decided to see what Yelp had to offer. I cold called the first three five star agents that came up under a local search. Tracy was the only one of the three that answered. She not only gave me a brief run-down of her marketing strategy but also took the time to drive by my property that very same day!

From her initial walk through, to her thoughtful recommendations for finishing touches on the property, Tracy exceeded my expectations time after time. Her photographer along with her stagers made my house come alive. Her phenomenal marketing lead to a wonderful well laid out open house which ultimately lead to a sale. I invited a close friend who has large real estate holdings. He and his wife were very impressed with Tracy and her open house.

Tracy helped me throughout every step of the process. Right down to the closing of the sale! I can't recommend her enough as her professionalism and experience are truly second to none. Whether you're looking to buy or sell I urge you to give Tracy an opportunity to earn your business. I can assure that you won't be disappointed. Five bright stars for this fantastic agent!

Chris C.

Prior to meeting Tracy, we spent four months unsuccessfully looking for houses, going 0 for 6 on our offers. Upon, meeting Tracy, she gave us a thorough walkthrough of the buying process and taught us tips and tricks we did not yet know despite us having already put in numerous offers.

Tracy then took us to a few properties, making sure to only show us houses that checked our boxes and never pushed us to compromise despite Oakland being such a competitive market.

In just a few weeks, we put an offer on a house that is absolutely perfect for us and our offer was accepted! I truly believe that we would not have gotten the house if it were not for Tracy. Based on her experience, she provided us with a recommendation on what she thought a winning offer would look like for the house, but still gave us room to make the final decision for ourselves. She also built rapport with the seller's agent and was in regular contact with him on the offer date.

After we were under contract, we had a one week window to complete our inspections (we somehow got the place without waiving that, likely thanks to Tracy). Tracy quickly lined up an arborist, a structural engineer, a contractor, a roofing expert, and a chimney expert and we were able to complete our inspections with a couple days to spare, and she even got us some money back from the seller afterward.

Her organizational skills, experience in the market, and large network of qualified professionals took a ton of stress off of us. Thanks, Tracy!

Jason D.

After a speedy three months of house hunting, my boyfriend and I received the keys to our very first home in our dream location. With all the stresses that come with buying in a competitive market like the East Bay, we were lucky to have stumbled upon such a knowledgeable, professional and dedicated agent.

Tracy has been nothing but supportive throughout our entire home-buying journey. Two months before we were even ready to start looking, Tracy was sitting down with us to walk us through the entire process. She was completely respectful of our budget and kept us grounded as we toured house after house, weekend after weekend. She asked us the hard questions to make sure we knew what we really wanted out of a home and kept us on track through the piles of paperwork.

And to top it all off, Tracy is incredibly sweet and so much fun! We couldn't imagine spending a long day of house tours with anyone else. We would not hesitate to recommend Tracy as a real estate agent!

Ryan G.

Tracy is just plain awesome! My wife and I spent weeks and weeks stumbling around Berkeley not knowing what we were doing before we found Tracy - and 2 short months later we had a successful offer on our dream home!
Tracy is incredibly patient (she had to be with clients like us), very organized and super fun to work with. She gave all the time we needed to figure out what we wanted and what we were willing to budge on. She is very knowledgeable about the east-bay market - almost every realtor we met seemed to know her. She was able to give us suggestions we'd never thought of before while keeping us grounded in the realities on the east-bay market (which is insanely competitive).

Arvind R.

Tracy was fantastic in getting my home ready for sale and got me multiple offers above asking. Following her advice and guidance was the best thing I could have done. She orchestrated a fantastic deal and I could not be happier. She was communicative and accessible throughout the entire process and did not sugarcoat anything. She was able to clearly understand what I wanted and worked diligently to make it happen within my parameters. I have bought and sold a number of homes in my lifetime, and this was by far the most stress-free experience I have ever gone through. I will continue to use Tracy in the future and could not recommend her more.

Thank you for everything Tracy. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

John H.

Tracy was AMAZING! My husband and I spent a lot of time touring a lot of houses on our own aimlessly and were completely clueless on how to approach the East Bay housing market. After meeting Tracy, we only toured homes on two occasions, before we placed an offer on our dream home (which was accepted!) that checked all of our boxes. Tracy was a true professional and held our hand throughout the process. She was there to answer all of our questions, inform us about what the housing market in the east bay is like, and put us in touch with a great loan broker, so that we had a smooth loan process.

I have friends who went through stressful experiences during their house search, and this was the easiest thing we ever did thanks to Tracy.

Even after close of contract, Tracy is still providing us with tips and putting us in touch with the right contractors for all the remodeling projects that we have in mind. We could not be more grateful! If we're ever in the market to sell or buy again we'll definitely be contacting her again, not to mention, we've already recommended her to all our friends!

Neha K.

Tracy represented us on the sale of our home in Berkeley. From my first e-mail to her, which she responded to in minutes, she has met and exceeded our expectations. She did a drive by the same day I contacted her, visited the home shortly thereafter, and provided a very thorough and detailed plan of what needed to be done to the home to get it sold, along with a pre-sale calendar. Given my type A personality, I really appreciated her organizational skills! It took me a couple of months to get back to her, as I was waiting for my son to find a new residence.

Once I got back in touch with her, our timing was very tight. We needed all the repairs, painting, floors, cleaning, landscaping, staging, photography, brochures, etc. done within about 2 weeks. I was absolutely amazed that not only every one of her contractors showed up and completed their work on time, but we actually went on MLS one day ahead of schedule!
The staging, photos and marketing materials were stunning!

The extra "above and beyond" things that Tracy did for us really impressed me. For example, we live out of state, but she would go to the house to unlock the gate for the landscaper and go back to re-lock. When I text or e-mail, she responds in seconds, whether or not it's business hours, evening or weekend. Little things like that I never would expect.

Many offers above list received, and we were extremely pleased with the offer we accepted. I would highly encourage anyone that values a realtor that tells you what you need to hear--good, bad or otherwise, that lives up to her promises, and that goes above and beyond to get you the best possible sale, with all parties walking away happy--then Tracy Palma should be your first choice!!

Teresa M.

Tracy was quick and easy to contact. She's very knowledgeable about the area and was able to advise us on our housing options without pushing us into something we weren't comfortable with. She made sure to keep in contact and was regularly sending listings our way. Although ultimately our budget required us to move elsewhere, I'm very happy with the service we received from Tracy and would gladly recommend her to anyone searching for houses in this area.

Elizabeth R.

We have been so blessed to work with Tracy on the purchase of our home! She educated my husband and I on the entire process of purchasing a home. She also helped us get in touch with a lender (who we loved working with also). We have been through the purchase process before but I can say this time around with Tracy we felt more knowledgeable with the process. We also got exactly what we needed in a home. Tracy's communication is best in class and her knowledge and guidance in the East Bay market helped us get the home that checked everything off on our wish list. If you are thinking about working with Tracy, just do it! You will be so happy you did! We have already shared Tracy's information with our friends who are in the planning process of purchasing a home. Tracy, thank you so much for all you did for us.

Flo A.

Tracy helped my wife and I find our first home in the summer of 2013. After an exhaustive search and 5 failed offers, we finally purchased a 2br/2ba condo in Adams Point.

After living in the condo for 2.5 years, we decided to sell it so we could move on to a larger home. Given the excellent experience we had purchasing our home with Tracy, we, of course, contacted her to assist us with the sale as well.

Long story short, Tracy's unending commitment to her client's (sellers and buyers) is unmatched. She is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate trends impacting the bay area which is evidenced by her sage advice and council. She guided us through the process, making it nearly effortless on our part. The best part is, we closed on an offer 27% above asking!

If you are looking to sell or buy a home in the Bay Area, do yourself a favor, and hire Tracy to represent you.

You will not regret it!!!

Will E.

Tracy is an incredible asset to have when selling a home. I had the pleasure of working with her a couple years ago when I bought my place (see my review below). This time I asked her to help me sell my home and I'm so thankful that I did! For the second time around, Tracy went above and beyond in her customer service and communication. She's very knowledgeable about getting a home ready for sale and has an extensive network of professionals to get the job done from painting and flooring to staging. With the resources available, Tracy absolutely optimized the sale of my home. I am so happy to have worked with her. Congratulations on finding Tracy and good luck with your sale!

Sharon W.

As I'm sure many would agree, there are many real estate agents to choose from, and figuring out which one to go with can be a monumentally annoying task. From the outset of our first meeting with Tracy, all I can say is she is an example of the Gold Standard of her industry, and her fellow agents should do their best to follow her lead.

Tracy was thoughtful and mindful of our budget and the central features and aspects we sought out in a primary residential property. She took the time to answer all our questions, issues, and concerns, as well as provide her own valuable input on the home search process.

Tracy listened, and did not waste any time presenting us with several very solid options within 24-48 hours of our initial meeting.

I cannot underscore enough her responsiveness and flexibility to work with our schedules, but at the same time guide us through the process in a way that both got us to our goal, as well as point out potential pitfalls and areas of concern.

Further to that, Tracy has a roster of folks from mortgage providers, home and pest inspectors, and appraisers that are exceptionally reputable and trustworthy.

You will not go wrong having Tracy in your corner. What are you waiting for?

Nainesh R.
El Cerrito

Tracy was a terrific broker and we are so happy to have worked with her. She is very responsive and knowledgeable about the process and the market. Much of our transaction was handled cross-country, and it was so important for us to know that the sale was being handled so professionally. I recommend Tracy enthusiastically!

Liz D.
El Cerrito

My wife and I were first time home buyers and found Tracy after talking to three other real estate agents.

It meant a lot to us that she set up meetings to patiently walk us through every step of the way to owning a house and answered the dozens of questions we had.

She spent long hours after regular workday hours to kindly accommodate our inconvenient schedule and show us the houses we were interested in seeing until we found the right place!

She made us feel like we were her only clients. We could not have pictured our journey of buying our house any better than she made it!

Saleh R.

Tracy is an outstanding realtor who is willing to roll up her sleeves and work for you. I selected her initially because of her five-star rating on yelp. We were working with an agent and buyer that didn't always do things by the book but she kept on top of it and pushed when needed. She also got a good and reasonably priced company to throw out the things I had left behind and couldn't take care of because I was moving. She presented options to me and respected my decisions. Actually I am fairly informed on the process having bought and sold over the years and also since at one point many many years ago I was a California licensed real estate agent myself. Tracy will serve you well.

Peter P.

One phrase to describe Tracy: a one-stop shop for home buying. Literally. She goes above and beyond to onboard you, connect you with lenders, tracking down properties in your area/range, pros and cons and all the jazz. But one thing that probably sets her apart is her responsiveness. She seems to work around the clock and puts effort in trying to make home buying seem super simple by setting up constant reminders for action items, being communicative and organized, following up via text/phone and above all being super professional. I had a super aggressive escrow but Tracy was confident and made it happen. So glad she did!!!

Jayesh P.

I have worked with several Realtors over the years and Tracy is the best of them all. Tracy recently helped us through a difficult purchase (a complicated short sale) and she was wonderful, thorough, helpful, quick response, straight forward, and very positive (very much appreciated when the going got a little rough). And in the end, we got the house we wanted at a very good price, and the sale went though as quickly as possible. I will use her for all of my future sales and purchases.

Sarah S.

Having recently completed a sale in Berkeley, I have nothing but raves for Tracy. We were out of state sellers, with many details (painting, cleaning, staging, multiple signatures) that needed to be coordinated, in addition to marketing and showing our property. We sold in about 3 weeks after listing! I would highly recommend, Tracy to anyone interested in personal and prompt service.

Eric D.

We had the great fortune of working with Tracy Palma during our last home search. She is an excellent Realtor, providing the highest quality real estate service and is a pleasure to work with - both friendly and professional. Tracy loves her work and it shows. She is hard working, smart, competent, organized and detailed. She knows the east bay real estate market inside and out and is so patient - always sharing her knowledge and educating us along the way.

Throughout the process it was clear that Tracy was really working for us and wanted the best for us. She did not push us to buy and always wanted to make sure that we would feel good about our purchase.

Tracy took great care of us every step of the way. She drove us around to see houses, always optimistic and encouraging. When it came time to buy, she negotiated to get us the best possible price. While we were in escrow, Tracy lined up all of our inspections. She turned what could have been an incredibly stressful process into a smooth and fun process for us.

After we bought our home, she put together a beautifully detailed binder with all the information and pieces of paper we wanted and needed pertaining to the purchase of our new home. We love that we have everything neat and organized in one place. There is so much more we could say about how wonderful Tracy is, but we know we should keep this brief so you'll read it! Tracy far exceeded any of our expectations or desires in a Realtor. We would give Tracy more than 5 stars, if we could. She is an exceptional Realtor.

Huda & Deanna

I now have bought 3 houses (a lot of unexpected moving), and I can say that Tracy is far and away the best real estate agent I've worked with. She was patient, energetic, friendly, and guided the whole process with the hand of an old pro. I also really liked that she didn't try to push us at all, but was honest and realistic when asked her opinion of a property, or how we should proceed at a given juncture.

Tracy also helped us focus our search and really figure out what we wanted in a house, and how the houses we were looking at compared to each other. She was also very available and flexible, and always responded to every message and email promptly.

Buying houses in California is pretty complicated, and I'm so glad we had Tracy. We were really well taken care of, and months later, I feel great about the house we bought. Can't recommend her enough!

Alexandra B.

Having a responsive agent is the key to finding your ideal home quickly. Tracy is that person. For about four months, Tracy hunted near and far with us every week and weekend. I lost track of the number of properties we saw and the number of bids we submitted. Through it all, Tracy was patient and accommodating. Her on-the-spot analysis and information helped to demystifying the process as well as alleviating stress from all the uncertainties that come with.

If you are looking to buy/sell, call Tracy. You will be glad you did.

Thomas T.
Castro Valley

Tracy Palma is simply the best! I was a first time home buyer and Tracy was great through the entire process. She was patient with me and all my silly questions, supportive when at times I was frustrated, aggressive when she needed to force the hand of the seller, and available, any time I needed her.

Tracy is an amazing woman and always makes sure that each and every one of her clients is given the special care and attention that they deserve. She's on top of the real estate market and knows what is coming and going and she's extremely realistic as far as what I could manage and she was always honest and direct.

You just can't go wrong with Tracy! I would recommend her to any friend or loved on looking to buy/sell a home.

Ann T.

As a first-time home buyer, I feel so lucky to have had Tracy Palma as my real estate agent. She is friendly and knowledgeable; I instantly knew I was in good hands. Tracy really demystified the process, explaining and answering questions all along the way. She is a powerhouse and a real go-getter, constantly working hard and promptly responding to correspondence. Tracy meticulously and diligently searched to help find my dream home. I highly recommend Tracy. It was truly a pleasure to work with her.

Kasey C.

I worked with Tracy for months while she helped me find a home. I was a first time homebuyer who unexpectedly found myself wanting to bid on a house, but I had no agent. Offers were due in a matter of days. The listing agent told me about Tracy, and forwarded her my contact information. Tracy immediately stepped right in and took care of everything.

Little did I know I was going to be involved in multiple bidding wars, and I had no better representative than Tracy! She was very patient and thoughtful in all of advice she gave me regarding the particular house I was interested in and the market in the area.

Three of Tracy's qualities really stood out for me and made a big difference:

Home buying is not a fun process when you're on a tight budget in a hot market, and that was me. Tracy never let my frustration drag down her positive outlook and attitude, which really made a big difference.
As my agent, Tracy focused on my goals as her client, and made this entire process easy for me. You always hear horror stories of how the agent just wants to sell the house and collect commission, but at no time did I ever feel this from Tracy. She must have put together 5 offers for me, and not once did I feel she had anyone's goals in mind except for mine. In fact, when it turned out we couldn't get documents hand signed or faxed, she got Docusign up and running for us so I could sign documents from my cell phone.
Tracy's responsiveness was phenomenal. She kept me consistently updated and communicated with me through the late hours of the night when the deal required it. Here I was, texting her back around 11, and thinking "Wow, she has kids and she's texting me! She's great!"

In all, Tracy was a pleasure to work with.

Please note: I previously worked with another agent in Berkeley for a year, and can thoroughly say that Tracy beat this other agent hands down in terms of attitude, responsiveness, and competency.

Shirley S.

Working with Tracy for the past 5 months has been a blessing. Having just moved from the East Coast, 64 years old and ambivalent about whether to rent or buy, Tracy held my hand and with incredible patience, caring and expertise, walked me through the complex process of house hunting. From our initial meeting, Tracy was there for me, no matter what time of day, no matter how small the question! Always smiling and upbeat, she worked endlessly to find out exactly what type of home I wanted/needed; where I should look; and how to set priorities. But not only was Tracy an educator; equally as important, she boosted my spirits when bids were not accepted or none of the inventory was exactly what I was looking for.

Once Tracy found and I fell in love with a home, she advised me how to bid appropriately. When my bid was accepted, she walked me through the myriad of details such as mortgage, escrow, inspections etc. Now, as I am preparing to move in, Tracy is still available and generous with finding names of reputable plumbers, electricians, contractors etc. At least 4 or 5 times a week, she sends me a cheery email: “How are you doing? Is there anything I can do for you?” What more could I ask for?

Mary J.

When I first met Tracy at an open house in my neighborhood, I immediately had a good feeling about her, so much so that I sought her out to be my Realtor when I began my search for a house in the Montclair area.

My needs were very specific. I had a limited budget, needed to be close to my daughter’s school and I wanted a house with charm and at least partial bay views. It was a tall order, especially in the much sought-after area that I was focused on, but Tracy came through for me. We spent almost a year looking for the perfect house, and during this time Tracy never grew frustrated with me or tired in continuing to look for a home that would fit my needs. She was always cheerful and patient. I felt like she regarded my situation as an exciting challenge rather than a frustrating impossibility.

Finally we found a house that was everything I’d been searching for. Tracy guided me through the process of getting inspections and signing the seemingly endless number of documents, and she was always available whenever I had a question or a concern. Throughout the entire process from when I made the initial contact with her to after I closed on the house I felt like Tracy was watching out for my best interests as she would for one of her close friends. I respect and trust her completely and would not hesitate to recommend her as a fantastic Realtor.

Joel S.

Thank you so much for everything. You did an amazing job and made what has been a difficult circumstance much easier for me and my family.

Tim S.

I just wanted to take a moment and express my thanks to you, Tracy for your great work in getting my condo sold. While the Real Estate market was in a downward free fall, you maintained your professionalism and optimism. This provided a level of comfort unsurpassed in my experiences as an agent, while buying, selling, and leasing Real Estate property.

The property was well marketed with clear and accurate details. The property showings were well staged and consistent. You always had my best interest while we listed the property. The selling offer you brought me was clean and fair. I am so glad we were able to close quickly. Thanks for your great work.

Charles D.

We very much enjoyed working with Tracy Palma in purchasing our first home. As first-time home buyers, we had a lot of questions and concerns about the process. She listened closely to our needs/desires and helped us define a wish list. She explained the purchase process carefully and answered our numerous questions. Her research was thorough and her experience with various areas throughout the East Bay was invaluable in helping us hone in on the right neighborhood. Tracy was exceptionally efficient at scheduling viewings of available homes and at providing helpful insight into the pros and cons of each property. Once we entered into contract on a property, she worked thoroughly and diligently with the sellers and inspectors to get all our questions answered to our satisfaction. She was available, responsive, knowledgeable, personable, and professional throughout the whole process. In short, we would (and plan to) recommend Tracy to any of our friends and colleagues. We feel very fortunate to have her as our representative and we are very happy with our first home.

John M. & Candace C.
San Leandro

Tracy Palma has helped us close on two properties within the last two years. Although the Bay Area has its choices of real estate agents, we believe we’ve indeed found the best and would ask her again to help us with our next residential purchase in the near future. She is the epitome of professionalism, expertise, sincerity, honesty, personality, and tact that you would want any agent to have and to uphold.

In our two years working with her, there has never been a day when we questioned if we should be giving our business to her. She has worked hard to earn our respect and our friendship, and we are delighted to share our honest experience of working with Tracy with you. In our journey together, she was among our closest and truest. During our two year journey, Tracy has landed us with an investment property in SOMA (SF) and a dream home in Russian Hill (SF). I was still in disbelief of the fortune Tracy won with us. Once the realization settled, I did my version of the victory dance in front of the windows facing the glistening Bay. All the neighbors saw, but I didn’t care… I wouldn’t have been here if not for Tracy — her honesty, expertise, openness, counsel, advise, integrity, authenticity, hard-working ethic, winner’s attitude, and absolutely yes — her friendship.

Amy T. & Michael Y.
San Francisco

There is no one better to help you find your home than Tracy. I was a first time home-buyer and was completely lost when it came to the process of going out and finding that perfect home. Tracy was so patient with me and kept my mind at ease whenever I started to become discouraged. She worked endlessly to make sure that I was comfortable and happy with each step of the process and was always available to answer my questions. She always made me feel like I was the only person that mattered to her. Tracy consistently went above and beyond any expectations I had for an agent, from meeting at odd hours, checking out places for me in advance, late night phone calls, all while having a smile on her face. This process could have been a lot more stressful had I not had her by my side watching out for me.
Thanks Tracy!

Linda K.

Tracy was a tremendous help in finding and closing my new home. Her patience and experience were invaluable in this tumultuous real estate market. I couldn't have done it without her.

Phat P.

I was very nervous about buying my first home, but Tracy made the whole process so easy for me. She quickly came to know my likes and dislikes and worked tirelessly to find the right place for me. What I most appreciated about Tracy was that she was always there, with advice and encouragement, and with a genuine enthusiasm for house-hunting that kept us both going!

Prav P.

I never write reviews, but with the kind of service Tracy has provided, I feel compelled to share my positive experience with everyone!

My husband and I were first time home buyers and Tracy held our hands through every step of the way. Buying a home, especially for the first time, can be a painful and confusing process. Tracy went above and beyond to make us feel as comfortable as possible and made sure none of our questions went unanswered. She made it clear that our satisfaction was her top priority. Tracy worked hard and was relentless in helping us find that perfect first home. Now, four years later, we are still very happy with our purchase and still very grateful to her for her exceptional service.

Tracy is clearly passionate about what she does and this is why she excels in. Not only is she very thorough, knowledgeable, and professional, but she is also unbelievably easy to work with! She is strongly dedicated to her clients and gives nothing less than a 110%. My husband and I fondly refer to her as our 'super agent'. So simply put...If you're looking for the best, she is It!

Brian and Revelina U.
San Leandro

We first began our journey together about two years ago while I was living in the American embassy Russia. I had finally come to the decision that I could very well put myself through college and buy a house. I scoured the internet for Bay Area agents, but your smile caught my eye and I sent you an email of my plan. I was truly grateful that you took the time to comment on my goals even though they were a good distance away. Keeping in touch with you kept me in the right mindset to get where I am today.

I finally left the service and drove across the country in very cliché’ style with everything I owned in my pickup truck in search of my dreams. It took me a few months to get settled and once I was, true to your word, you were still there for me. We picked up like no time had passed and began searching. It was hard for me not to be a Property Virgin and fall in love with everything I saw, but I did truly adore a house we saw the first day. To be sure, the search continued and there were a few keepers, but I still dreamt of that house with the cute porch and loft style. Once we felt good I put in an offer and I soon realized the easiest part of this journey was over! After two years of focus, worry and dedication I finally moved in, quite serendipitously on Memorial Day, and I could truly be free.

I am ever so lucky to have found someone as disciplined and steadfast to walk side by side with me, to keep me on track and give it to me straight when things got confusing. I owe a well of gratitude to you and your company for getting me where I am today. I look forward to keeping in touch and have no doubt you’ll make many more hopeful homeowners as content in their piece of the American Dream as I am.

Alexander D.

The support that Tracy provided is extraordinary. I give my highest praise to Tracy for her work. My wife and I both felt as if we were her only focus. Tracy demonstrated the highest ethics and met every commitment. We had worked with other agents and had often felt that we were being pushed into a sale to meet the agent’s agenda. The opposite was true here. Thank you Tracy!

Bob and Nancy M.

I really enjoyed working with Tracy. She has a positive outlook, happily performed whatever is asked or needed and worked thoroughly to provide listings that match my "ideal" home. She worked diligently throughout the buying process and made sure I had all the necessary information and key details.

Bobby I.

It was a pleasure working with Tracy. I thought buying a first home would be stressful and confusing, but Tracy made the whole process smooth. Tracy was always available to answer my many questions, and I was always treated like a first class customer.

Doug D.

We are glad to recommend Tracy to anyone who needs a home in the Oakland- Berkeley area. We found her to be knowledgeable and very friendly and helpful. It was a pleasure working with her.

Richard and Pat E.

As I'm writing this review, I'm still in the process of relocating 3 kids and a working spouse from SoCal to NoCal. We had honed in on the East Bay and I turned to Yelp to find an excellent realtor who knows the area. Tracy is everything her great reviews paint her out to be. She immediately understood our priorities (school district, kid-friendly, a neighborhood that felt like "us", etc). Always took the time. Always responsive (you really need to sleep at some point Tracy!). Knows the area and had the answers to our questions (e.g. "where will the bidding war end on this one?"). I will be keeping in touch with Tracy long after this re-lo is in the rear-view mirror. We. Love. Tracy!!!

Robert and Monica

What Can I say? Or how should I start?

About a month ago I decided that renting was not the way to go and so I started looking for an agent to help me find a house/condo. I was not sure who to go with and I wanted someone to guide me on all the steps since I was a first buyer. I found Tracy thru yelp and she was everything I was looking for. Let’s say that I started mid January 2014 to look for a place and I found my place by the end of January and closed Feb 28th. I now have my keys to my new condo. Without her help this would not had happened.

The advantages with Tracy was her experience, she knows the Market so well. This helped me to find the right location, I wanted an upcoming city with restaurants, stores close by and she found it. Also she made sure that I don't over spend, her job was to help me find a place but she did it with honesty. As a first buyer the entire process went so well I felt like a professional buying a house, she had everything so organized. I just had to make sure I was following the calendar that she made for me. From when I met her till I closed (two days ago) she was there reminding me and making sure that I had done everything. She was also super flexible when we had meetings sometimes I couldn't meet her due to work, so she made time to meet me later.

Tracy was the best choice I made, no doubt, without her I would not have the place I have now. I am super excited with my new condo. I can go on and on on how great she was on this process but I don't want to spoil it for anyone so you gotta find out for yourself.

Thanks so much Tracy!

Pablo R.

Although I have been relying on Yelp reviews for years to find the best businesses, I have never felt moved to write a review before. Tracy has done such an excellent job for me, going way above and beyond what I would have expected even after reading all her stellar reviews. I interviewed several real estate agents when I decided to sell my house, and was most impressed with Tracy because of her knowledge of the market and her impressive organizational skills. At our first meeting she gave me a folder with several handouts that laid out exactly what the sequence of steps would be, the schedule and time needed for each of the steps, the estimated costs, and the things I would be responsible for and what she would be responsible for. When I decided to go with her, she put together a calendar to guide me through the process. This may seem like an obvious thing but the other agents did not provide these things in writing, and I constantly found myself referring back to Tracy's handouts. I was out of the country prior to the sale, and she handled everything for me to make sure the house would be ready to hit the market immediately when my renters moved out. She scheduled inspections, got staging estimates, and arranged for a handyman to perform needed repairs. Her recommendations were always right on the mark, and I knew I could trust her experience to make the right decisions. I was able to sell my house for a price that was beyond my wildest expectations. I know that part of the reason is that the market is so crazy right now and the timing was perfect, but the rest of it was because of Tracy's experienced guidance and the fact that she was so on top of everything.

Immediately after I sold my house (for cash, it happened very quickly!), I got really worried about finding another place to live when I realized just how difficult the market is. I was looking both at rentals and sales and just was not finding anything that came close to meeting my criteria. My goal was to downsize and pay cash on a smaller house with the money leftover from the sale of my house (after paying off my debt) so that I would be mortgage-free. I knew that almost everything was selling for way over asking price and I was afraid that even though my budget was now higher than I had expected to the amazing profit from the sale of my house, I still wouldn't be able to compete. Once she knew exactly what I was looking for, Tracy found a cute little 1 BR craftsman house (perfect size for me, but apparently not for other buyers!) with a sizable private yard in Rockridge- it had been on the market for a long time and hadn't sold for various reasons. It seemed like the seller wasn't that interested in selling and their agent was not very responsive. But Tracy persisted and they accepted my offer. I wanted to close in 10 days and even though it was like pulling teeth to make that happen, Tracy made it happen! Once again she scheduled all the inspections immediately, and worked really hard to get all the paperwork in place even though the seller was out of the country and the seller's agent was inexperienced.

Although I know Tracy has other clients, she always made me feel like I was her top priority and responded immediately to my questions and requests no matter what time of day or night. I really don't know how she does it. Not only does she provide excellent customer service, but she is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and takes the time to know what is important to me. I am confident I can trust her advice. Although I was very sad about selling the house that I had lived in for 12 years and worked hard to make just the way I wanted, it makes it easier to know that both the sale and purchase of the new house were excellent financial investments. I ended up buying a house for less than half of what I sold my previous house for - with no mortgage and enough cash left over to put into making it my dream home! Thank you Tracy!

Lisa H.

Tracy is the best at what she does. I have never experienced better professional service in real estate transactions. She is easily one of the best professionals with whom I have ever had the pleasure to do business. She helped us to sell our property in record time and at fair price. She was always communicative and available during the whole process. She went out of her way to arrange for the necessary repairs, spending time to supervise the work, arrange for staging, taking care of all the bills and invoices. She competently handled difficult interactions with difficult neighbors and resolved issues amicably. I am a repeat client as I plan to purchase another home and sell my other properties. Would rate 10 stars if I could.

Bob B.

As the number of stars indicate, Tracy is as good as it gets! The best decision my husband made since marrying me was to hire Tracy as our realtor as we embarked on the house-hunting process in Oakland. My husband is in the real estate industry, but with his busy schedule and limited knowledge of Oakland, he enlisted Tracy's help and she did not disappoint. As someone who values a good agent, he was impressed with Tracy's commitment and professionalism. She was incredibly knowledgeable about Oakland as a whole and helped us pinpoint the best neighborhoods and elementary schools, sending us daily updates from the MLS and answering our questions quickly - I swear she is glued to her email - and managing our expectations appropriately.

Once we found homes of interest, she was very honest about the pros and cons, helping us to make informed decisions, not easy to do with excited buyers eagerly looking for their first home in a competitive market. Although we ended up quickly finding a home within three months of starting our search, I'm sure she would have been as supportive and responsive on day 200 as she was on day one of our search. And as someone who appreciates good organization, I loved her detailed emails throughout the escrow process, keeping us on schedule. Our accomplishment was wrapped up in a great big binder of documents, but despite the escrow being over, Tracy has still been on hand to answer a few remaining questions as we get settled into our new home.

Overall, we were very happy with our experience with Tracy and without a doubt, we believe we found the perfect real estate agent and cannot recommend her enough, especially to all you eager first-time buyers!

Kelsey and Joe E.

My husband and I used Tracy for a recent purchase in Berkeley. We had been casually looking for a home and when we found one that we loved, we thought we would make an offer, but had very low hopes that it would actually get accepted due to the very competitive market. Our offer was NOT accepted due to multiple offers, and was actually significantly below the highest offer. Tracy was able to convince the listing agent to get his clients to allow us to counter, and our second offer on the home was accepted! While this was certainly an unusual circumstance, the fact that Tracy did not give up when our offer was rejected is what allowed us a second chance at the home.

Once we were in contract, Tracy was on top of everything. She put together a close calendar for us that detailed all the steps, so we knew what was going on. She scheduled ALL of our home inspections for us, and when the inspections uncovered issues with the home (which is common in 100 year old homes), she had half a dozen people come out to the home within 2 days to give estimates on how much repairs were going to cost. This was extremely helpful, because my husband and I both have full time jobs and two small children, so trying to coordinate people to give estimates would have been a nightmare. She was then able to use the bids for repairs to get us a reduction in the sales price.

Tracy was always available to answer our calls/emails/texts, and she went out of her way on multiple occasions to track down answers to questions that we probably should have been tracking down ourselves. She was very professional, extremely knowledgeable about the market, and very honest in the way that she conducted business. We would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home.

Audrey H.

Tracy was recommended to me by a friend for my first home purchase and I couldn't be more thrilled with the referral! As a young single woman the idea of buying my first home was pretty intimidating. My trepidation melted quickly after meeting Tracy. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and professional, but she is wonderfully personable and approachable and has a great sense of humor to boot.

Aside from feeling instantly comfortable with Tracy, I was also wowed by her organization and communication skills. She is exceptionally prompt at getting back to you whether it's by phone, text or email and always has some kind of neatly labeled binder or file folder ready for you full of all the information you could ask for. She patiently and skillfully explained any real estate-ese I couldn't understand and was flexible and encouraging as I completely changed course from initially looking at condos to becoming interested in rental income properties. I got lightening quick information about what was new on the market in one case being the first to view a highly desirable duplex within fewer than three hours of it being on MLS.

Tracy truly cares about helping you find the right home for you. In my case, she took a guess and added a rental income property listing into a list of condos for my consideration to see if that might be something I would be interested in. I have now purchased three rental income properties with Tracy and could not be more grateful for that burst of intuition she had in pointing me in that direction. At the same time she would never let me overbid or move forward with a property that I had mixed feelings about honestly counseling me on what she thought properties were worth and never pushing for a quick sale. In that respect she has earned the trust of a close friend or family member and I would happily recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home in the bay area!

Caroline V.

My wife and I recently relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area after having lived abroad for the past 3 years. Neither of us had ever lived in the Bay Area before and we were caught off guard by the insanely competitive housing market.

Fortunately for us, a family friend recommended that we work with Tracy for help purchasing our first home. Not only is Tracy a Five Star real estate agent (being both professional and knowledgeable and) but she is also a genuinely kind and caring person. She took her time to ease us through the transaction and turned an intimidating ordeal into an overwhelmingly pleasant experience.

We toured countless homes and condos for nearly 6 months before finally finding the right home for us and were it not for Tracy, the fast paced and risky bay area housing market would have surely chewed us up. Now that it's all over, we are actually going to miss our weekend home tours with Tracy.

All in all, we can't praise Tracy enough and if you choose her as your real estate agent, you most certainly will be glad you did.

Will and Jamie H.

Tracy and her backup squad at Stea Realty Group are true outliers. Not just good or even excellent, they are head-and-shoulders above every other agent and agency I've ever encountered. They are monsters and super heroes. Here's why:

- Tracy is an information and connection monster. A good agent is glued to the MLS database and alerts you to new properties. Tracy does that, and does it better than anyone I've ever met, and that includes the automated systems at Zillow and other real estate sites. But she takes it a step further, consistently finding East Bay properties ready for sale but not listed and getting us into them to view. Hey, all's fair in love and this real estate market.

- Tracy wants happy customers. Never, ever did we feel pushed into a property. In fact, on a number of occasions Tracy (gently and politely) argued against properties she believed we wouldn't be happy with. I'm sure she wants her commission, but she clearly believes that the single most important thing is happy customers.

- Nothing is ever too much trouble for Tracy. When looking at an occupied property, for example, Tracy did deep research, including talking to Berkeley Tenants Rights Board, to understand the ramifications of a purchase. On another occasion she hunted down the builders of a house to answer some questions for us. A lot of people say they are available 24/7 and that they'll go the extra mile. Tracy really is and really does. And the kicker? She's also highly organized, has lots of common sense, and communicates effectively on the phone and in writing.

- Superwoman had the Justice League behind her, Wonder Woman had The Avengers, and Tracy has Stea Real Estate Group. Run by Daniel Stea, a former Real Estate attorney, and superhero in his own right, SRG is a place where nothing less than excellence is tolerated; and a place with the size, resources and organization to give their people a massive advantage over agents working alone or renting a desk inside a larger agency but left effectively to fend for themselves.

Tracy and SRG. Call them monsters, call'm superheroes, but if you want to buy or sell East Bay property do yourself a huge favor and call them.

Bill and Mieko S.

If it's your first home purchase, how do you find the right agent? This is how I started my search. A first time homebuyer is a special breed, one that requires lots of patience, understanding, explanations, and re-explanations. Tracy Palma knows this and really enjoys working with first time homebuyers. She helped us close on our dream home last week (Oct 25) and in the process became someone we consider a friend. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

We've rented for years in San Francisco and were looking to buy in Oakland or the surrounding area. We wanted an agent who knows the East Bay well and came highly referred. We can confidently say that Tracy lives up to and exceeds her reviews. Her method is warm and approachable. She starts by thoroughly explaining the process, taking care not to bombard with excessive information. She knows the right questions to ask to help you sort out what it is you like or don't like about a property, especially when you find it hard to put into words what it is you are feeling (you'll know what I mean once you experience this). Although she makes recommendations, we always have the final say on offers. We started out not knowing at all what offer price was competitive and ended up able to make a strong winning offer. Toward the end, when we found that dream home, we felt empowered with information and that we had gained strong negotiation skills.

Most would consider the two month process it took for us to find and close on that perfect home grueling but Tracy let us decide the pace. She prepared us for the "roller coaster ride of emotions" that we did indeed experience and was very encouraging along the way. We were immersed in the process and wanted to look at homes every week. I know she has a family and other clients but she really made us feel like we were the only ones. In addition to weekends, we saw homes in the morning before I went to work and on weekdays when I was off. On multiple occasions, we took BART to the East Bay and Tracy even picked us up. How's that for service?! Thank you Tracy!

Some would say that real estate has a lot to do with relationships and you can tell by how she works that Tracy truly understands this. Therefore, I am extremely confident in my recommendation of Tracy Palma.

Tom P.

Let me start by saying that Tracy is a great real estate agent, but more than that she is a great person. This whole real estate game is set up in a way that agents are not necessarily encouraged to work in their client's interests. Tracy is different. She genuinely cares. We would not have bought our house without Tracy's help. She worked with us in every step - looking through listings, understanding our needs, coming with us for open houses, closing the transaction, helping with repairs, house inspection, getting us the best deals etc.

If you are looking for an agent to help you buy or sell a place, look no further. You won't do any better than Tracy. We worked with a few agents, and the difference between Tracy and the others was night and day. Tracy is great. I would recommend her to all my close friends as she has our complete trust, and she is excellent at what she does.

Sid and Aindrilla P.

Tracy is an amazing agent! In writing this review, I took the opportunity to look over our email exchanges and realized that I initially came into contact with Tracy in early 2009! Though I wasn't ready to buy in 2009, Tracy patiently answered every one of my emails, texts, and phone calls. Again, I wasn't even her client yet and she openly shared her network with me and even went so far as to help me with ideas for renovation projects in my home (big ones - kitchen and bath). To me, Tracy goes above and beyond the call of your typical agent.

So in addition to being “Super Woman”, she also has all the other qualifications I look for in an agent:

Detail Oriented
Familiar with the local market
Tech savvy
Communicates well and often

I feel that Tracy always had my best interest in mind. The home Tracy found for me was half the price I qualified for (AWESOME) – and it’s the perfect place for me. I absolutely love it! During closing, she made sure I clearly understood the paperwork and she meticulously inspected the property. She has a great eye – not only for finding homes, but for all the little details in between that make a huge difference. I couldn't recommend anyone more highly!

Ebony F.

I wish there were more STARS here on Yelp to light up for Tracy Palma!

As the full bright review stars indicate, she is excellent in all manners. I am unable to describe her in terms of a realtor. It is more proper to say that she is a valuable friend. And, I must thank YELP first, to provide me the chance of finding her.

As a graduate student, I was forced to pay a lot of money on rents every month, during the years of my residence in Berkeley. Therefore, me and my parents decided to invest on a property rather than paying the high amounts. So we started to look for a property to invest on. We worked with another realtor (prior finding Tracy) and ironically, she was not really helpful. It means that she never cared as much as Tracy did. I was so disappointed and thus, started to search online for other real state agents who had high ratings in their reviews. Fortunately, I came up finding the best of them at the end.

She asked me of what exactly I have in mind and was able to figure it out so quickly! I was impressed! To be honest, she scheduled visits to various places based on my priorities in mind and they were more cases that I could imagine. During our visits she was really honest about the pros and cons of the place. She even stopped us a few times from what we were trying to like because of our budget, giving us hopes that we will find better options if we be patient!

Unfortunately, after a few weeks of looking for a small apartment, I found out that we are not eligible for getting a loan due to some international problems between US and Iran. I was so upset and about to quit the process of searching for an apartment. But, she was much stronger than me, and started to look for ways that we could be hopeful again and stand up for it. At last, she succeeded! It took us about a few month though, but she did not quit while I was planning to quit! At last, she helped us invest on one THE APARTMENTS that me and my parents loved during one of our early tours! Now, I am living in that lovely place, happy and thankful for all that Tracy did...

Writing this review, the goal is to say that she is more than to be recommended! She is one of the best (and in my opinion, THE BEST) of all realtors. I believe that everyone else has had such a good experience with her helps and advices so that all the checked stars are testifying on it!

To conclude, I would like to write some words to Tracy in terms of a brief letter:

Dear Tracy,

Me and my parents are always thankful for all you did, and for all your friendly efforts and supports. You are beyond a realtor! I wish all your colleagues could keep up such great work, the way you do for your clients. You have a great heart and I am proud of you.

Best wishes,

Shahrzad S.

We love Tracy as our real estate agent in the Berkeley/Oakland area. We worked with Tracy over a year and made several offers which never made it to the top. She was always very knowledgable & professional, never pushed us to commit to what we weren't comfortable with and stayed positive throughout the process. We finally ended up buying a place in Oakland and really appreciated having Tracy represent us. Tracy is a pleasure to work with and we will soon be working with her on our next purchase!

Hamid & Matin N.

Tracy is one of the best things that happened to me since moving back to the Bay Area. I met her by chance at an open house and liked her calm and confident style. She comes across more as an educator than someone trying to sell you something, but she can also be as aggressive as you want her to be. I enlisted her as my agent in my home search and although it was challenging given the difficult market for a buyer, working with Tracy was always enjoyable. She's unfailingly responsive, and not just with a "yes" or "no" email, but actually took the time to educate me on the process, current market conditions, characteristics of a given property, etc. We had to make a couple of offers very quickly, I mean in less than 24 hours, and Tracy turned around the paperwork in no time flat. Apart from the excellent services she provides as a realtor, she is also your best house-hunting friend. I've had to put my search on hold due to changes in my personal situation, but when I resume I will look forward to working with Tracy again. I can't recommend her enough.

Elaine K.

Tracy helped my wife and me find and buy our first home in Berkeley. I cannot recommend her services highly enough. She has a great understanding of the East Bay market, and helped us to learn what was available in each neighborhood. When we did find our dream home, she was critical in ushering us through each step of the transaction, allowing us to successfully purchase our dream home and close in 12 days. Thank you, Tracy! We will certainly recommend her to anyone considering a real estate transaction in the East Bay.

Christian and Daisy M.

Tracy is a wonderful real estate adviser and I very much enjoyed working with her. She is very attentive, detail oriented, and has a deep understanding of the East Bay market, especially the Elmwood neighborhood in Berkeley and the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland. Ultimately, I chose to go in another direction, but I would not hesitate to recommend Tracy to others. Thank you, Tracy!

Simon L.
San Francisco

We first met Tracy in 2013 when we decided we wanted to buy in the east bay after moving to California in 2012. Tracy worked diligently with us for fourteen months. In that time, Tracy was careful to send inventory whenever available on homes that fit our preferences, took the time to show us over 20 homes and helped us to write 12 offers- approaching each with the same thought and quality as the first. Tracy was always open and objective when it came to advice and eventually we found the perfect fit. In short… We are enjoying the perfect home for us today because we worked with a professional who genuinely cared about the outcome, was dedicated and went above and beyond for us when it mattered most, thank you Tracy!

Bria and Tyler G.

Tracy did an excellent job in helping me sell my condo this fall! She was efficient, friendly, and had an excellent sense of the market. The transaction was smooth and fast and Tracy helped me get a great price for my condo.

I interviewed five agents before deciding who to use as my listing agent for the sale of my modern loft condo in Oakland. Tracy stood out in the interview process with her professional presentation and friendly demeanor. She came to our meeting prepared with a complete package detailing the services she would provide, including current comps for my condo. We did a quick tour of the property at that time and she provided her opinion as to what improvements should be done to appeal to buyers.

Tracy has a great eye for design, but also a practical mind, and she has a very good sense of what a seller should do and not do in order to achieve a good return. She worked with us to find painters, floor refinishers, carpet installers, etc, who could work quickly and in concert to get us ready to go on the market. I really appreciated her honesty in assessing paint choices, styling, etc. I wanted to do some sprucing up, but only in ways that would result in a positive return on investment in sale price, and Tracy was excellent at helping me decide what was worth it and what to leave be.

When it came time to market the property, Tracy again excelled. The photographer she hired came out twice for both daytime and twilight shots and perfectly captured what is special about my (former) condo. She chose the best photos and put them into a very impressive bi-fold brochure. She listened to what I wanted to feature as far as desirable aspects of the property and wrote an enticing and elegant text to go in the brochure and on the MLS. Since neighborhood was a key feature of my property, she went the extra mile in sourcing open-house snacks from a hip local bakery to highlight the special location.

Communication was always easy. Tracy is available via text and email whenever you need her. She put up with me nervously texting her throughout the day on the day we took offers, and was able to put me at ease. When it came time for her to present the offers to me, she was again professional and efficient, offering advice on their various strengths and weaknesses.

We were in a multiple offer situation and Tracy helped us navigate it effectively, deciding who to counter and on what terms. In the end, I found myself with an excellent offer with few contingencies and a very quick escrow!

I liked Tracy's work as my listing agent so much that I decided to go ahead with her as my buying agent. Update about those services to come, hopefully soon!

Maia P.

In the craziness of today's real estate market, having a great partner when looking for a home is what makes a difference throughout the process.

We had the good fortune of meeting Tracy, thanks to a colleague who connected us when we were about to despair in our search of a home. Tracy has been really amazing -- highly professional, always available and actively helping us in our search, making great recommendations to focus our efforts. Looking for a home is stressful, and Tracy somehow helped us stay confident all along, staying positive at all times.

And when it came to making offers and negotiating, she was determined and insightful. It was the first time we bought a property in the US, and she patiently guided us throughout the process. A highly recommended realtor! Tracy, thanks again for your help!

Louis V.
Satisfied Client

I had the good fortune to work with Tracy Palma in Elmwood, Berkeley looking for real estate in the east Bay Area earlier this year. She is an exceptionally well qualified agent with very accurate knowledge of value and prices. She went out of her way to help me in every way I needed. I would recommend her without reservation to anyone who needs an insightful and resourceful agent. As it turns out, I did not buy a house, but if I had purchased the one she recommended to me at the "great value" price at the time, I would have owned a property that appreciated $500K in 6 months. Clearly, Tracy could see what I couldn't. Please call her, you won't be disappointed.

John C.
Satisfied Customer

I can't even begin to describe how amazing Tracy has been. My husband was relocated to the bay area from Columbus, OH for work and after some research, we asked Tracy to help us find a home. She has been incredible from day 1! We had to do almost everything via phone/email and she was always accessible when we had questions or concerns. When it was time for inspections, etc, Tracy was quick to offer to be at the house for us! She made what could have been an incredibly stressful situation at an incredibly stressful time seem almost easy! Her understanding of the East Bay was mind blowing and I felt comfortable making a decision on a house based on her recommendations! I just can't say enough...you will not be disappointed with Tracy as your Realtor! She was a life saver!!

Lauren and Richard W.

Tracy has been a great source of market intel. With her familiarity of local and regional market dynamics, she has helped me evaluate ownership and disposition strategies... knowing that they may not necessarily produce a near-term transaction. Tracy is patient, yet responsive; most of all, she's not about hype or pretense... she's level-headed and sincere. How refreshing!

Burt H.

Having a responsive agent is key to finding your ideal home quickly. Tracy is that person.
For about four months, Tracy hunted near and far with us every week and weekend. I lost track of the number of properties we saw and the number of bids we submitted. Through it all, Tracy was patient and accommodating. Her on-the-spot analysis and information helped to demystifying the process as well as alleviating stress from all the uncertainties that come with. If you are looking to buy/sell, call Tracy. You will be glad you did.

Tom T.
Castro Valley

My girlfriend and I met with Tracy after finding a condo that we thought we wanted to put an offer on. Tracy was extremely responsive to our initial request and went out of her way to meet us late at night. When we got to her office, her organization and friendliness really stood out. Before we decided to put an offer on the condo we originally liked, Tracy showed us one of the condos she was selling. Since we loved the one she was selling so much, Tracy ended up recommending that we work with another agent so that there was no conflict of interest. Her staging of that condo was the best we saw throughout the process, and it was no surprise that it ended up going for way over list. Tracy's integrity, customer service, and professionalism is above and beyond any of the other realtors we met with, and it was a pleasure to work with her, even for a short amount of time. I would highly recommend Tracy to both buyers and sellers.

Casey C.

I can't say enough good things about Tracy! We were re-locating 2500 miles, and after initially viewing houses, it was not possible to visit again prior to closing.

This wasn't a problem! Tracy was our eyes and ears from the first minute. Firstly her knowledge of the area, and the market is second to none, and this was invaluable as she advised us on offer strategies, and local market conditions.

She handled all the details, from the big stuff (offers, counters, paperwork etc.) right down to identifying the paint types used.

She was "us" during all the inspections, including the additional ones we scheduled as we learned more about the property.

Tracy was incredibly accessible, always quick to respond to e-mails, and text questions, and was amazingly flexible to accommodate the 3 hour time difference.

Above all, Tracy gave me a real sense of confidence, and it was incredibly reassuring to have her involved, and not have to worry when questions arose, or glitches occurred in the process.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone buying a property in the East Bay.

John W.

Tracy was absolutely incredible. We spoke to three other realtors (two by phone and another in person) and Tracy was by far and away the kindest, most patient, and most confidence inspiring. She took the time to explain small and large details to us in a way that made us feel empowered and excited about buying a home. After 10 minutes in her company, we knew that she was the realtor for us.

During the home buying process, she was always super quick to respond, almost always within the first 30 or so minutes. She was super knowledgeable when we toured homes and often times pointed out aspects of the house that we might have missed if we would have been by ourselves. She was a tough negotiator when we were ready to buy. She was very firm with the other realtor and, in the end, saved us thousands of dollars with her negotiation and knowledge of the industry and the area.

Tracy operates with integrity, honesty, and a true desire to have people matched to their perfect home. It is because of Tracy that we are currently in our dream home! I am beyond grateful to her and her amazing team.

Thank you Tracy for all that you do!

Jeannette and Dani

Our family has bought, renovated and sold many houses in Berkeley. When we met Tracy as we started our most recent project this year, we knew we had found a professional with great expertise. Every day of working with Tracy brought us to greater and greater respect and appreciation for everything she brings to helping her clients.

Tracy came to our property frequently, often stopping by just to see how things were coming. She was always enthusiastic and encouraging, no matter how dirty and tired we felt. If we asked for suggestions or ideas on anything from light fixtures to vanity style to patio design, Tracy offered her great eye and good sense. We quickly came to feel that we were really a team with a common goal, to deliver the most sound and most appealing house possible. It worked. Together, we created a really wonderful home.

Tracy has an extraordinary knowledge of the market in the East Bay and knows, every day, what is on the market, and then follows up to see how those sales went. Because of that close attention, she was extremely helpful in guiding our house to the right buyers at the right price.

Tracy was exceptional in her care and organization in listing and marketing the house. The website was absolutely terrific. Her marketing strategies were very smart and effective. She paid attention to every detail, and relieved us of having to be concerned with the day to day process. She let us know that she loved the house and believed in it, and she brought in fantastic offers. We closed smoothly and quickly.

Tracy told us that she has a lot of experience working with buyers. That certainly helped her guide this sale. We have come to feel that she is also absolutely top notch in selling a house. We will use her, with gratitude and complete confidence, for all our future projects

Ron L.

The management at my apartment complex decided to sell off units as condos, and I was given 60-days notice to vacate. I looked around for a new apartment, but pickings were scarce, so I decided to take the plunge and buy a place of my own. I checked Yelp for local realtors with good reviews and sent out e-mails to three of them.

Tracy replied right away and scheduled an appointment for the next day. I met with her, and she was well-prepared with a folder for our meeting in her conference room. I had told her I was a first-time buyer, and she said she could take me through everything carefully. I asked her if we could get this done in two months, and she said it was possible if we were willing to hit the pavement.

I was impressed with our first meeting; Tracy listened to my needs and concerns then got down to business, telling me what needed to happen. I cancelled my appointments with the other realtors I had contacted. Tracy gave me a list of contacts so I could proceed with finding a mortgage broker, and started sending listings. She was really good about asking me exactly what my requirements were, and we looked at a wide range of places. She had a perfect balance of asking the right questions so I could figure out if I liked a property, instead of filling my head with her own opinions- though she didn't hesitate to tell me if she didn't like a place, or to point out key features. She guided, allowing me to make the decisions, rather than deciding for me.

Tracy worked hard, and when the first place fell through, we went on another journey, and when we found a place that I said would work as a backup, that wasn't good enough: she pulled out her laptop and we expanded the search. That was when we found the property that I wound up purchasing.

Tracy was all over the contingency period- making sure all of my concerns were addressed before contingencies were released. She genuinely seemed concerned with having me be happy with the purchase. Tracy was organized and on time, and managed to make time to be available even when she was very busy. I would definitely recommend Tracy as a realtor. She knows the area, knows the business, and is friendly, supportive, energetic and empathetic. Not to mention resourceful, determined and perceptive.

Taro O.

Tracy is a class act! She's super responsive, organized and clear in her communication, which made it relatively easy and fun to buy our home in this crazy, off-the-charts expensive Bay Area market. Through her smart strategy, we were able to buy our top pick and beat out over a dozen other bids. She gave us a very helpful calendar that meticulously detailed the timeline of the escrow and neatly organized all the paperwork that we signed in a binder and in digital format for us to keep. After the sale finalized and we moved in, there were some issues that came up at the house and with the seller. Rather than abandon us since her work was done, Tracy was completely supportive and took necessary action to ensure a satisfactory resolution. She clearly takes great pride in her work and really cares about her clients. You'll definitely be in excellent care with Tracy.

Katie G.

I was fortunate enough to work with Tracy on a deal recently. She was extremely professional, diligent and focused on her client's interests. I would highly recommend her to someone looking to buy or sell in the East Bay.

Brady T.

This is the first time I ever wrote a review in my life but this time I had to ...
My husband and I decided to sold our beautiful Victorian house in South Berkeley in order to move to the city. We used Tracy for the whole process. We found a house we loved in the city and we put in an offer. As unbelievable as it sound we got it right away. But this is not just a luck... This is Tracy skills that got us here ... Knowing how competitive the market is right now. Later on we moved here and she started fixing our old house with all her team. Aware of our budget she took really good care it form "A to Z" we didn't even went back once. Selling your old house, buying your new house is suppose to be a stressful event in your life but not with Tracy. It was such an amazing experience and went on so smoothly because of her wonderful work. Thanks you Tracy for everything you've done for us.

Florije A.
San Francisco

You will love working with Tracy. Five Star Service! She's efficient, knowledgeable, knows the process and knows how to win. I felt safe with Tracy. She took care of so many things that I simply felt safe in her care. She was so good at helping my partner and I figure out what we wanted. She would ask skillful questions to decipher what we wanted and what we needed. She knew what we wanted more than we did! Call her, now, don't wait! She's great.

PS: I think she must work all the time because she always got back to us even if it was late at night.

Ron G.
San Francisco

My husband and I were very fortunate to have collaborated with Tracy Palma in purchasing our first home in Oakland. In fact, Tracy was our second realtor because our first one looked down at our teacher salaries and budget for home shopping in the East Bay and basically said we would not be able to buy a home. Tracy was the exact opposite and supported us to the finish line in the competitive East Bay housing market. We highly recommend her as your real estate agent and would easily give her more than five stars if possible.
What does support from Tracy mean? She spends time with you to understand your needs for your home. She is highly proactive in matching you with your preferences, and as a result you will get frequent emails or phone calls as new homes come on the market. She returns calls, emails, and texts. She is patient with new home buyers and will honestly answer your questions and makes sure you understand. She has a depth of knowledge in the real estate field and has outstanding professional connections to assist with the inspection process.

Most importantly, Tracy is a wonderful person that genuinely wants to help you purchase your home. We found Tracy here on Yelp and we hope you do the same, so please connect with her today.

Diana I.

As you can see from the many great reviews, Tracy is great. I could talk about how knowledgeable she is about the housing market or how organized she is but everybody has already talked about that so I want to talk about what was important to me which is trust. To date, I have bought four properties and sold 3 and pretty soon I plan on purchasing another. Out of the Seven transactions I had so far, Tracy had handled four of them. She is also helping me to purchase my next property. So why do I keep using Tracy ? The simple answer is that I could trust her.

If you look at some of the reviews about other Realtors you will see some real horror stories. There are Realtors that are really out to earn themselves as much money as possible. I understand that it is commission based so Realtors will want to earn as much as possible. However when I feel that they are placing themselves first and putting me second I just feel that they will do everything to ensure they make as much money as possible. They will tell you anything to get you to sign with them either to list or to buy then afterwards they will not perform. The thing with Tracy is that she won't promise you the world unless she really think that it is possible. She will be honest with you and give you her opinions but ultimately let you make your decision without any pressure.

1 property I was debating whether or not to sell. I told Tracy that if I did not receive the amount that I wanted then I would not sell and looking at the other comparables , both she and I knew it would be hard to get what I wanted . Offers came in but they did not meet what I wanted . they did come in tho within the neighborhood of what i wanted. I think other Realtors would have pressured me at this point to just take the best offer however Tracy ask me what I would like to do and whether or not I want her to continue holding open houses and to keep trying to get the amount that I really wanted . I know that she had properties she was selling in the seven-figure ranges versus my property in the lower six-figure range. So I would have understood if she had tried to get my transaction over with as soon as possible so she could concentrate on her more expensive clients. But the thing is that tracy treats all her clients and their properties like million dollar homes and give you all the attention effort that goes along with it. I trust her completely that she is always looking to get me the best deals and is looking out for me before herself. So essentially I cannot think of going with anyone else.

Marty C.

Tracy did a great job securing our first home purchase. We interviewed a few realtors and selected Tracy for her local knowledge and responsiveness. She walked us though the process as first time buyers and was there while we made our first offer to help us fully understand the offer.

She was patient with us and supported our decisions. She took the time to view houses with us to understand our needs and eventually she used her network to find a house before it hit the market. She helped us strike the deal and was there throughout the closing process. It was clear she was also working behind the scenes with our lender and escrow officer. Her work ethic really does shine through, and we appreciate the time she took to view houses on our schedule which was generally in the early evenings and also on weekends.

Keith S.

Tracy found us our very first home and we couldn't be happier. She did a great job securing the house in a very competitive neighborhood and also helped us negotiate for a better price. Everyday, I appreciate what a great decision we made and amazing luck we had to find a home like this and and we know it wasn't possible without Tracy's help!

Jin L.

Tracy helped us sell our Rockridge home recently. We chose Tracy based on the Yelp reviews that we researched. We had to make a decision as to whether to sell the house with minimal improvements or to go full board and take down a wall for a more open concept home. We decided to go all out and really create a new home. Tracy helped us select light fixtures and bathroom fixtures, colors, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, and countertops that were particularly on trend. Beyond that, she demonstrated her expertise when it came time for reviewing the offers we received and giving us her input. We were impressed with her aplomb as she navigated the delicate process of finding just the right buyer and then delivering a winning price for the house as well!

Evelyn D.

My wife and I can't say enough good things about Tracy. As first time homebuyers, we were quite green when we first decided to leave our small apartment in San Francisco for a home in Oakland. We knew very little about the home buying process in general, and even less about the area and neighborhoods the East Bay had to offer. From our first meeting, Tracy listened to what we were looking for in a home and assured us that we were in good hands. She went over the entire process, recommended neighborhoods, and provided us with comprehensive lists of properties and helped us get the most out of our budget. When we picked out a wide array of listings we liked, Tracy helped us narrow them down and we all went and looked together. As luck would have it, our very first offer was accepted, and a few weeks later we were homeowners! Tracy was an integral part in all of this - she was very thoughtful, extremely responsive (even when we bugged her on nights and weekends), patient, understanding, helpful, and most importantly, effective. We love our new house, and owe it in large part to the help Tracy provided. Go with Tracy!!

David J.

I haven't bought a house from Tracy yet, but I just have to write her a review. I found Tracy on Yelp from these great reviews. I knew she was going to be amazing, but she went above and beyond all expectations! She is extremely professional, personable, and is very responsive. She makes herself available almost all times of the day and truly takes customer service to the next level. Moreover, as a first time homebuyer, she makes this process very easy and provides me with such honest and knowledgeable feedback. She's shown me some great listings so far within the pay range/area that I am targeting. I'm hopeful for a positive outcome! 🙂

Diana C.

My husband and I just closed on our first home in Oakland by Grand Lake area and we couldn't have done it without Tracy's guidance and expertise. As a first time home owner in a super competitive and hot market, it's not only important to work with a broker that understands the market but is also very communicative and can help guide you through the complicated process of buying a home.

I can't recommend Tracy enough! I had worked with another broker through a friend's recommendation and wasn't 100% satisfied. Another friend & co-worker recommended Tracy and swore by her. She had helped him buy his condo in Berkeley. In total, we had been looking for 6 months and with Tracy for about 4 of those.

This is what makes Tracy great:
She's always ON. She's literally is always answering emails and is super responsive. Her responses are also very detailed and she's also very accommodating.

As a first time home buyer, she will walk you through the steps from reading inspection reports, to helping with the right bid, to the really big steps once your bid is accepted. This is where all the work happens actually, especially as a first time home buyer. I had lots of questions on the closing cost and she walked me through each line item and said which ones should be lower vs. what the bank outlined.

I also love that she has a strong POV and is honest. This was one of the big differentiators from the other broker we had. Our last broker would only tell you what she thought it would go for, but she never gave an opinion on whether she thought it was a good home etc. Tracy will give you her opinion if she doesn't like a house. Especially a house that you may love for example. She looks at what the resale value is and thinks longer term. For example, what if you wanted to sell it down the line, would the house be easy to sell again. She will dissuade you from bidding on houses she doesn't think is a good long term decision.

She truly has your best interest at heart. She's not looking to just sell you a house and make the commission and move on. She's very much about the relationship and as well as the long term.

I would recommend Tracy 100% to my friends and co-workers in a heartbeat!

Anna and Jason

My wife and I worked with Tracy for over 2 years as it was extremely difficult to find a home with all of our wants and needs and within our price point in the Bay Area. Tracy worked with us weekly in looking for that perfect home and got to know us and our kids extremely well. She literally watched our kids grow. All in all I cannot say enough great things about Tracy. She knows the Bay Area real estate market better than most, all the agents know her, can dissect what you like / don't like, and has a good sense for how to realistically navigate such a competitive real estate market. I recommend Tracy blindly and am happy to have stuck with her throughout the process. In the end, we found a beautiful home that we will be moving into soon.

Eddie and Diane
San Francisco

Tracy was excellent to work with!!! I would recommended her to anyone. I was a first time home buyer and Tracy made me feel supported through the entire process. I felt that I could ask her anything about the process and could count on her to respond right away. She is ultra responsive to text and email. I actually tried to work with 4 other agents before I found Tracy through Yelp and right away I could tell Tracy was a seasoned professional. I was looking for an agent who could help me look aggressively and find what I wanted before the spring -- and she delivered. Another huge plus to working with Tracy is she seems to know many of the other agents and have a great reputation. I think this helped me in getting my bid selected because the sellers had already worked with her before and told me they liked working with her. Basically, I would just say that you can't go wrong with her. She is very experienced & savvy, extremely nice, and fast fast fast...which is the ideal combination 🙂