Arthur and Anna

Tracy really went above and beyond for us. We began searching for a home while we still lived in New York. I was pregnant, so the stakes felt very high for us to find just the right housing on a firm deadline. We relied on Tracy to help us prioritize neighborhoods and to understand the wild real estate market in the Bay Area. As we began, she helped us set realistic expectations for what we could be in for (multiple unsuccessful bids, sale prices routinely above asking, other buyers able to compete with all-cash offers). Throughout the process, Tracy was always on top of the latest listings and made sure we considered homes that had elements of our wish list. Many times, she toured homes for us on FaceTime while we watched from New York. We really grew to trust Tracy's taste, remodeling ideas, and her read on the market. Equally important, she was a steady presence when we got frustrated with the up's and down's of buying in such a competitive environment. Tracy helped us keep our eyes on the prize and not give up. In the end, our housing search took about six months of active searching and bidding, and on the *seventh* try, we bought a home in Berkeley that is exactly the style, location, and price we hoped for when we started our search. As an added bonus, even after closing, Tracy has continued to be a great resource for us, recommending local contractors and making sure we're not getting ripped off. In short, if you are nervous about the prospect of entering the Bay Area housing market and need a dependable, positive, knowledgeable, and meticulous guide, Tracy is the realtor for you. We have loved working with her and are thrilled with the home she found for us.


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