Nainesh R.

As I'm sure many would agree, there are many real estate agents to choose from, and figuring out which one to go with can be a monumentally annoying task. From the outset of our first meeting with Tracy, all I can say is she is an example of the Gold Standard of her industry, and her fellow agents should do their best to follow her lead. Tracy was thoughtful and mindful of our budget and the central features and aspects we sought out in a primary residential property. She took the time to answer all our questions, issues, and concerns, as well as provide her own valuable input on the home search process. Tracy listened, and did not waste any time presenting us with several very solid options within 24-48 hours of our initial meeting. I cannot underscore enough her responsiveness and flexibility to work with our schedules, but at the same time guide us through the process in a way that both got us to our goal, as well as point out potential pitfalls and areas of concern. Further to that, Tracy has a roster of folks from mortgage providers, home and pest inspectors, and appraisers that are exceptionally reputable and trustworthy. You will not go wrong having Tracy in your corner. What are you waiting for?


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