Rent Moving Boxes Instead of Buying Cardboard

Moving presents itself with a host of complications, stresses, and hassles. But after you have found that perfect new home, you should reduce your stress and complication by renting plastic moving boxes from ZippGo instead of buying expensive and wasteful cardboard moving boxes. When you buy your list of moving supplies, it often includes the standard boxes, tape, pens, scissors, and more. And of course in the hustle and bustle of the moving process these much needed items often go missing right when you need them. It is for this reason, and so much more, that when you are moving in Oakland moving boxes from ZippGo are the best choice for your transition into your new home whether you are handling the packing and moving process, or you have hired professional movers. The rise of environmentally conscientious citizens has led to a striking increase in the demand for green moving supplies. That demand has been met with a variety of recyclable and recycled moving supplies that not only make the process of moving a simpler one, but afford movers an opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint.

Moving Yourself

Finding a new home is hard enough, and your excitement about making it your own shouldn’t be clouded by the stress of folding boxes, trying to tape them shut, or worrying that your precious goods have been damaged while en route. Plastic moving boxes are water resistant which means when you’re making the move to Oakland moving boxes you can count on to protect your belongings from water damage from spills, inclement weather during the transition, or exterior moisture are absolutely vital. They are also crush-proof. This means that you no longer have to worry about placing your heavy boxes into the moving truck in a specific order—generally the exact opposite order in which you packed and moved the boxes to the back of the truck—for fear of your goods being crushed. You also circumvent the risk of your fragile items being broken when the corner of the box gets pushed too far into a wall, corner, or hard piece of furniture. If you rent moving boxes in lieu of buying cardboard you alleviate these risks and keep your household goods securely held in their original shape.

And of course, there is the cost to consider. If you are moving yourself, limiting the cost for moving supplies is imperative. The best way to do this is to avoid having to pay for moving tape, scissors, pens, labels, and cardboard boxes when you could easily rent plastic moving boxes from ZippGo. You won’t need that laundry list of supplies and you can help repay Mother Nature for her kindness in the process; there won’t be a heap of trash leftover or piles of cardboard boxes left to soak on your new sidewalk. The boxes arrive ready to fill and depart in much the same fashion. You won’t have any packing mess left in your new home and your trash service won’t have an extra load to pick up the following week. Reducing this clutter can not only make it easier to unpack your household goods, but will afford you peace of mind and clarity as you adjust yourself into your new living environment. A clean space is a happy space.

If You Hire a Moving Company

If you hire professional movers, it is in your best interest to double your benefits by providing them with plastic moving boxes. You can enjoy the fastidiousness of exemplary performance while simultaneously protecting your household goods. Professional movers are well equipped to pour all of your goods into box after box, and efficiently secure the boxes the best they can with moving tape. But when you provide your movers with plastic moving boxes, you are giving them the tools they need to make the process faster. What’s more, your goods are more effectually packaged because the boxes are specifically designed to be portable and stackable. The boxes arrive ready to be filled. The attached lids can be snapped in place once a box is full, cutting down on precious minutes that would otherwise be consumed with mangled strips of packaging tape on a cardboard box. Each box comes with labels so you don’t have to turn the boxes over and sideways upon arrival at your new home to figure out where each box should go. The boxes stack neatly inside the moving truck which saves time and physical space which is in high demand. Your movers can get the job done faster, which means you spend less on their hourly wages.

The aforementioned crush-proof and water-resistant aspects of the boxes are also ideally suited for situations where your household goods arrive at your new home before you do and require temporary warehouse storage; there is no telling what the weather will be or what obstacles the boxes will face being transported in and out of the moving truck and into a warehouse. You can protect your household goods from water damage or physical damage during the interim.

And just as the same as renting the boxes for yourself, when you hire professional movers to pack your household goods in these moving bins you still enjoy the resourcefulness of their recyclable nature. You don’t have to worry about buying massive quantities of boxes and folding each one, or visiting your local grocer and asking for hand-me-downs that you have to somehow get to your old home before you start packing. When you are done with them, your recycling bin won’t be packed to capacity with folded or shredded boxes. You won’t have piles of boxes filling your new closet space. Instead, you can simply return the reusable moving boxes and rest assured that other people just like you will get the same superior use out of them.


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