Malika B.

This is a very very long overdue review. Let's just say without Tracy I wouldn't be smiling every time I turn my doorknob and step into my condo! But that smile almost didn't happen. Months ago I decided that I was ready to buy! That was the easy part, now I just needed to find someone who can help me as a first-time buyer (I am picky and had a thousand questions). Tracy Palma was referred to me by a close friend of mine. Our first conversation she put me at ease. She went over every want/need and questions that I had. As you all know the market is CRAZY out there, but I was determined to be in the Adams Point/Grand Lake area. Then the search began with excitement and nervousness all at the same time. Then excitement turned into heartache and discouragement as my offers were getting rejected. After the third rejection, I wanted to give up. Tracy was patient with me and assured me that the right place will come along at the right time. She was so right! A few days later she sent me a property listing. I fell in love with it as soon as I walked in. Not only was it in a great location, it was not overly priced. Once again I put my offer in and crossed my fingers. A few days later while waiting to hear back I called Tracy about another listing. As I am describing the listing Tracy stops me mid-sentence and tells me that we do not need to look at the new property. In a confused tone I asked what do you mean?? She yelled out...YOUR OFFER WAS ACCEPTED!!!!! You can imagine my excitement. I was ready for the next steps (of course with a thousand questions). Everything was going according to plan, until midway through escrow. My escrow was a nightmare! Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. This is where Tracy became more than just a realtor for me. Tracy was fantastic, she was unbelievable. She talked me off the ledge of giving up on more than one occasion. With every road block escrow put up Tracy was right there to help me through it until the end. That is why I smile every time I turn my doorknob and walk through the door, because it almost wasn't mine. I almost lost the place I call home if it wasn't for Tracy.


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