Jason D.

Prior to meeting Tracy, we spent four months unsuccessfully looking for houses, going 0 for 6 on our offers. Upon, meeting Tracy, she gave us a thorough walkthrough of the buying process and taught us tips and tricks we did not yet know despite us having already put in numerous offers. Tracy then took us to a few properties, making sure to only show us houses that checked our boxes and never pushed us to compromise despite Oakland being such a competitive market. In just a few weeks, we put an offer on a house that is absolutely perfect for us and our offer was accepted! I truly believe that we would not have gotten the house if it were not for Tracy. Based on her experience, she provided us with a recommendation on what she thought a winning offer would look like for the house, but still gave us room to make the final decision for ourselves. She also built rapport with the seller's agent and was in regular contact with him on the offer date. After we were under contract, we had a one week window to complete our inspections (we somehow got the place without waiving that, likely thanks to Tracy). Tracy quickly lined up an arborist, a structural engineer, a contractor, a roofing expert, and a chimney expert and we were able to complete our inspections with a couple days to spare, and she even got us some money back from the seller afterward. Her organizational skills, experience in the market, and large network of qualified professionals took a ton of stress off of us. Thanks, Tracy!


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